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Whether you are expecting Pink or Blue this Show is for You... & Toddlers, too!!!

Our founders have over 30 years of success, providing useful information to the public at family friendly events. 


We are here to deliver baby and toddler products and services to busy families in a fun atmosphere.


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​"Katie Sanzi, owner of Sleepyhead Consulting, will discuss the most important tips for your little one to start sleeping through the night in no time. Her tips will cover both newborns and toddlers so no matter your little one's age you will find something useful in this seminar. Katie will be offering a goodie bag with a valuable coupon as well as some free gifts to each family attending the seminar so be sure to drop in!"


The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication     through training, education and research; so parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community. – The International Association of Infant Massage Mission Statement


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A Conversation with the First Words Project: Empowering parents with information regarding their child’s development
Are you interested in learning more about how to best support your toddler’s development as they navigate the first critical years in their lives? The First Words Project is offering resources for parents of toddlers who desire to be better educated in how to help their child develop their early social communication skills on time.  Our seminar at the Baby Show Expo will feature topics such as the signs and symptoms of early developmental delay, the importance of tracking developmental milestones, the benefits of early intervention and how your role as a parent is instrumental in providing the best outcomes for your child’s development.​