Advanced Ticket holders Tickets are accepted

​on either day!

$10.oo at the door gift n/a

Children under 13 are Free


Advanced ticket holders  will receive a gift card for a portrait on glass.  

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  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Parties
  • Toys
  • Stationery
  • Photography
  • Cakes
  • Baby Health & Wellness
  • Baby Care
  • Nutrition

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Our founders have over 30 years of success, providing useful information to the public at family friendly events. 


We are here to deliver baby and toddler products and services to busy families in a fun atmosphere.


Tickets available at the door the day of the event

11am - 5pm

Oct. 7 & 8 2017 at the

NJ Convention & Exposition Center

97 Sunfield Avenue

 Edison, NJ

​​Exhibitor and other inquiries: 973-477-9101

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Whether you are expecting Pink or Blue this Show is for You... & Toddlers, too!!!